Beep Boop Botz

We are a project of 10,000 robots that fight to the death each season for coins and prizes.

Season 3

Season 3 is about to electrify the battlefield in a way you've never seen before. We're arming you with mind-blowing new weapons and throwing you into uncharted arenas that will push your gaming strategy into overdrive. But that's just the tip of the scrapheap. We've been tinkering behind the scenes on a colossal surprise that's going to shatter your expectations and redefine the entire Beep Boop Botz universe. So power up, prepare yourself for the unexpected, and get ready to dominate in the most electrifying season yet. Stay tuned, Season 3 is charging up!

Season 3 Explained

You are the mechanic that keeps these robots running. This season we find out more about your Rock'em Sock'em ability's. Web 3 stay tuned because very soon EVERYONE will be able to join the army of fixer uppers that keep these bots running.